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Join the Education Revolution

We’re a market leader in the education technology space and a pioneer in the employment experience of the 21st century. With two office locations and remotely-based teams, we employ talent all over the United States. Equipped with the latest in cloud-based business solutions, our instructors and staff can work together anytime and anywhere. The Educate Online work environment allows us to support the work-life balance that every person deserves all the while promoting hands-on, cross-functional projects and professional development opportunities in a fun and casual workplace.

Our iSTART Talent
Acquisition program

Our “Innovative Search for Teachers, Academics, and Raw Talent” is a one-of-a-kind interview and selection process that gives you the opportunity to learn about us from the start of the interview process through group video and/or one-on-one discussions with staff from different parts of the organization. Making a career change or job change is a big life decision so we understand that as a jobseeker you want to learn about your potential employer but most interview processes are not setup as a two-way discovery process. We are looking to hire leaders and innovators in the fields of education, business, and information technology.

What We Do

Provide a highly effective Guided Learning Solution to the K-20 Education Market

  • Assessment driven and competency-based
  • Personalized, prescriptive, and proactive
  • Aligned with an institution’s course and program learning objectives, and
  • Measurable, focused on delivering outcomes.

The Educate Online Guided Learning Solution

  • We develop a personalized learning plan for each student based on a competency-based assessment that allows us to identify their skill gaps.
  • Instructors meet with students in real-time for online, one-on-one, instruction, guided practice and formative assessments based on their personalized learning plan and unique needs.
  • Student Engagement Representatives monitor the students' progress, and help keep the students motivated and overcome any barriers to success.
  • We provide detailed reporting and analytics combining academic outcomes and institutional data to provide insight into to the success of the program and the impact at the institution.